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10 Ways to Improve Your Business With Bartercard

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Bartercard is a trading system where you can barter your goods and services within the Bartercard business network.
Put simply, the network (of over 20,000 members in Australia) is designed to assist businesses to improve cash flow and reduce cash expenses through the use of modern bartering.
Gone are the days of swapping a cow for a pig or a chicken for a goat. The power of modern bartering is that you can improve your profits using our virtual currency that allows you to swap goods or services indirectly with any business within the network.
This quick guide to bartering will show you the power of the Bartercard trade dollar and how businesses use Bartercard to take action and achieve their business potential. Let’s get started…


Author: Bartercard

Bartercard is a barter trading exchange founded in Australia in 1991. Bartercard enables member businesses to exchange goods and services with other member businesses without using cash or cash equivalents, or having to engage in the direct two-way swap of goods or services.

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