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$80,000 For Heart Kids NZ, Thanks to Bartercard Foundation

The Bartercard Foundation is delighted to announce its partnership with Heart Kids NZ, the only not-for-profit organisation supporting Kiwi kids and their families who are affected by Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), right through their life.

Each week, 12 babies across New Zealand are born with a heart defect. While there are surgical procedures that can improve the heart’s function, there is no cure for CHD.

Heart Kids NZ receives no government funding, has no affiliation with the Heart Foundation and must fundraise for all of its services. The Bartercard Foundation is thrilled to be able to step in and help support those fundraising efforts.

And it has wasted no time in raising funds. Already more than $80,000 trade dollars have been raised – $32,000 trade dollars of it in just one day, thanks to a fundraising event which encouraged Bartercard members to ‘Gift a gift of giving at Christmas’ to friends and family in lieu of a physical gift.

It’s not just donations the Foundation is looking to assist with. It is also keen to get involved in events around the country, all of which will be advertised on the Heart Kids website throughout the year.

The Bartercard Foundation is made up of three trustees who oversee its operation, on a voluntary, unpaid basis. They are Raymond Goubitz, Bartercard Trustee, Ted Midlane from Legal Consultants Ltd and the recently appointed Carmel Clark from Telephone Market Research.

Raymond Goubitz says: “The Trustees of the Bartercard Foundation are delighted to support Heart Kids with the valuable support services they provide to the families of Heart Children. Using Bartercard Trade Dollars, the Foundation will assist their cashflow and help raise their profile. We’re thrilled by the initial support of our member community and their generosity – it goes to show what can be raised in just a day for something so worthy.”

He adds: “The Bartercard Foundation chose to collaborate with Heart Kids after consideration of many different charities which do not receive government support. It was felt Heart Kids were best placed to utilise Trade Dollars to assist them in achieving their objectives for the forthcoming year.”

If you would like to donate to Heart Kids, go to or visit to find out more about this worthy cause. For more information on Bartercard and its services visit:

The Bartercard Foundation was established in April 2010 and is a registered charity to support charities which require wider national prominence for their great cause. 100% of the donations raised go to the chosen charity. Unlike most other charities which aim to pass on 80% of their donations with 20% covering expenses and other costs, all of the Foundation’s operating costs are paid for by Bartercard. These costs are increasing due to additional financial reporting obligations and information required to be supplied to the Charities Commission.



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Bartercard Myths: Setting the record straight

Upon joining Bartercard, you become part of an enormous community of businesses with a common goal – of taking unfilled capacity within your business and realising this with the help of the exchange. It’s a simple concept taking an old fashioned idea, so why is there a lack of understanding when it comes to Bartercard? There are many myths about what Bartercard is and what it isn’t so we want to set the record straight and dispel any confusion.

In no particular order, here are the most common myths we hear about Bartercard and the truth behind them.

I won’t be able to spend my Trade Dollars


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Conserve cash on property, holidays and renovations with Bartercard

After pouring money into the business during start up, continual expenses and a competitive market to boot, there’s often little left over to spend on anything non-essential.  Luckily Bartercard members can spend trade dollars on property, accommodation and renovations to keep valuable cash in the business.

One of the main reasons people go into business is to enjoy a better lifestyle. However, after pouring money into the business during start up, continual expenses and a competitive market to boot, there’s often little left over to spend on anything non-essential.

Bartercard members have the advantage of being able to pay for lifestyle costs without spending cash, or only part-pay cash on significant expenses like property, holidays and renovations. They do this by indirectly trading their products and services for property deposits, accommodation worldwide, home renovations and furnishings, entertainment and dining out, so they can enjoy a better lifestyle with Bartercard.

Matt Alderton, founder of Bx, Business for Life, an SME training and events company, sees first-hand the frustrations of business owners. At the start of his program he asks his participants to reflect on why they got into business in the first place. Was it for money, lifestyle, more family time or something else? His real question is… have you achieved your why? Very often, the answer is no.

“Generally there are three main concerns for small business owners,” Matt said. “One, lack of money, two, lack of time and three, the additional stress. I advocate Bartercard to business owners because it can grow their business really quickly through the marketing avenues available and then they can spend the extra income on holidays or personal expenses without withdrawing any cash reserves from the business or eating into the family budget.”

Spending on Bartercard is a perfect way to improve your lifestyle, guilt free. For many business owners, there’s often guilt associated with personal indulgences or spending on anything non-essential, especially in the early days when almost every cent is poured into the start-up. The upshot of Bartercard is you don’t need to spend cash on many lifestyle costs and everyday purchases.

“My wife and I don’t buy wasteful presents for each other but often I’ll buy her things on Bartercard that I know she’ll use like spa vouchers and beauty products“, said Matt. “When we spend trade dollars on lifestyle expenses, we can enjoy those splurges so much more because we’re not spending cash.”

Colin Hatcher, owner of Speedie Shoe Repairs uses Bartercard to fund lifestyle costs to conserve his cash flow. While shoe repairs and key cutting is the bread and butter of his business, he said that selling remotes and engraved pet tags on Bartercard’s online trading platform MYBC has attracted a new market of customers around Australia.

“Even if you’re quiet in the cash ecomony you’re still earning a digital currency which you can use to cover a host of lifestyle costs without reaching into your pocket,” he said. “I’ve had two bathrooms fitted out on Bartercard, paid for a chiropractor that would have cost me thousands of dollars in cash, and accommodation in Yamba for a family holiday which let me keep $1700 in my pocket.”

Joining Bartercard not only lets you attract new customers, conserve cash and grow profits in your business, but it lets you enjoy a better lifestyle without emptying the coffers!


MYBC is Bartercard’s online trading platform which lets you shop almost anything and everything from homewares and furnishings, to beauty products, clothing, electrical items and business products and services. Visit

Bartercard Tourism
Breaking up the work grind is where new ideas start. Enjoy over 1,000 accommodation options world-wide without the cash cost. Visit

Bartercard Property
Part and parcel of buying real estate is risk and uncertainty, but luckily Bartercard eases both. Bartercard has recently lifted the value of listings world-wide from $100 million in 2015 to $145 million. Visit to to find your next investment.


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What’s happening in Auckland Region : Bartercard


At Bartercard Auckland South, we know that time with the family is important so with the school holidays just around the corner, we have a few fun activities you can all enjoy.

ZORB – Operating for 15+ years, is the iconic Rotorua adventure activity & must do attraction. Roll down our hill in our ZORB globes for an experience you’ll never forget! Groups of 4 or more must pre-book. …more
Kyle Kydd – Left comp
07 357 5100
Kawarau Jet Rotorua
Book a 30 minute Jet Tour on Lake Rotorua and experience the excitement and exhilaration of one of the areas most popular adventure activities. Visit iconic landmarks and hear the history of the land and the people. Tours leave on the hour every hour…more
07 343 7600
Fay & Jon Olphert
Jon Olphert Marriage Celebrant – For your special day with a personal touch. Experienced celebrant to help make your day memorable. BOP only but open to negotiation. Please ring to discuss. …more
Jon Olphert
07 345 5500
Buy Wine Online! Need help? 0508 226 654

Good staff is good business

You’re the driving force in your business, but without your employees, you’d never be where you are today. Your human capital is a serious investment, and your team deserves the attention you’d give any major expense in your company.

Once you have valuable team members, you can’t just ignore them; instead, it’s important to consistently work on keeping your superstars focused, on track, and, most importantly, happy. Going to work isn’t a leisure activity, but everyone has a breaking point, and even the best, most loyal employees will move on if workplace morale takes a permanent nosedive.

5C Jack Conway Avenue, , Manukau, 2014, Auckland

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This e-mail, including attachments, may be confidential and/or privileged. Only the intended recipient may access or use it. Any dissemination, distribution or copying of this e-mail is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient please notify us immediately by return e-mail and then erase the e-mail. Any confidentiality or privilege is not waived or lost if you have received this e-mail in error.

Location map for Auckland South Office

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SMIB Partner with Bartercard

Sustainable Mortgage & Insurance Brokers Partner with Bartercard NZ

Sustainable Mortgage & Insurance Brokers Director Farida Davis is pleased to announce a newly signed agreement with Bartercard NZ to allow Bartercard’s 7000 members the ability to pay for a range of Insurance Products using their Bartercard Trade Dollars.

Sustainable Mortgage & Insurance Brokers is owned and run by Farida and Jason Davis. We strive to help people protect what’s important to them through Insurance, reach their financial goals early with well-structured home loans and plan for retirement with KiwiSaver. We are proud to be able to offer you these services free of charge allowing you to compare products and make sure anything we recommend is the right fit for you.

Partnering with Bartercard allows us to offer our services to all of the members within the Bartercard network and allows them to pay for their Insurance needs with Trade Dollars.

“As a Mother and a Business owner I understand the need to have the right Insurance in place to protect yourself from risk whilst also making sure that is affordable and sustainable for the long term,” says Farida Davis, Director of Sustainable Mortgage & Insurance Brokers.

Our office is located on the Hauraki Plains right in the middle of the golden triangle in the North Island. This means we are only one hour from our clients in Auckland the Waikato and the Bay of Plenty. So travelling to see a client for a financial wellness review at their home or business is no issue for the Sustainable team.

Currently we are offering all Bartercard members the chance to purchase nib Easy Health – comprehensive cover with a 20% discount for the life of the policy

If you are thinking about health insurance, you might like to consider nib’s Easy Health, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions that might preclude you from getting cover.

Easy Health provides comprehensive cover for you and your family for those big medical expenses, including cover for many pre-existing conditions. With a range of options, we can work together to tailor your policy to suit your needs and budget.

For a limited time, you can take advantage of a special offer on nib’s Easy Health of a 20% discount for the lifetime of your policy if everyone on your policy is under the age of 60 at the start of your policy, and the stand-down period for eligible pre-existing conditions reduced from 3 years to just 2 years. Terms and Conditions apply.

nib is the second largest health insurance provider in New Zealand. They offer private health insurance ideally suited to Kiwis that is easy to understand, easy to claim on and most of all good value.


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Bartercard Boosts Business

Does Bartercard Work? YES and It Boosts Business

Lower Hutt and Auckland businesses are the star big-city performers in New Zealand’s cash-free economy, while Selwyn is the top rural region.

Bartercard members in those three areas enjoyed the largest increases in sales in the year to June 2014, with some achieving growth of close to 25%.

Lower Hutt in particular has seen a surge in the volume of bartering businesses with growth that outstripped the Auckland region by over two percentage points.

Data analysed by Dr Paul Bracewell from Wellington-based Dot Loves Data shows the country’s non-cash economy is thriving, with more than $200 million worth of goods and services ‘bought’, ‘sold’ and swapped each year through the Bartercard network.

More than 7,000 businesses belong to Bartercard in New Zealand, with some of them having been in the scheme since it began 23 years ago. Memberships ranges from start-up companies to long-established family businesses and charities, some of which use Bartercard ‘dollars’ to pay for advertising as well as to ‘buy’, ‘sell’ or swap good and services.

Bartercard  NZ CEO John Scott says the top five sectors active in Bartercard are professional services, hospitality, automotive, construction and building, and food and drink.

“Meanwhile, provincial areas experienced the greatest improvement in operating cash flow, particularly Bartercard members in Horowhenua, Manawatu, Mid-Canterbury, Southland and North Otago.”

Dr Bracewell’s analysis looked at the performance of more than 3,500 members who have significant sales or spend through Bartercard.
“Two thirds of our members have been bartering on our exchange for more than five years while 31% have been involved for more than 10 years,” says Scott. “They stay in the scheme because they know it works – and works well – for their business.
Top Performing Large Regions (Increased Sales) – Above Average Growth in Sales after 12 months
• Lower Hutt City (16.7%)
• Auckland (14.2%)
• Hamilton City (11.0%)
• Christchurch City (10.1%)
After Two Years:
• Auckland (15.5%)
• New Plymouth District (15.4%)
• Lower Hutt City (12.9%)
• Napier City (10.2%)
• Rotorua District (10.1%)
Top Performing Small Regions (Increased Sales) – Above Average Growth in Sales after 12 months
• Selwyn District (23.0%)
• South Wairarapa District (12.8%)
• Timaru District (12.2%)
• Waikato District (12.1%)
After Two Years:
• Kapiti Coast District (>25%)
• Marlborough District (>25%)
• Far North District (>25%)
• Central Otago District (17.7%)
• Western Bay of Plenty District (11.1%)
• Waipa District (10.3%)
Improved Cash flow: Top 10 areas to experience an improvement in cash flow over a 6-month period:
• Horowhenua District
• Ashburton District
• Southland District
• Waitaki District
• Manawatu District
• Rotorua District
• Dunedin City
• Central Otago District
• Wanganui District
• Nelson City
About Bartercard: Following Bartercard’s creation in Australia in 1991, Bartercard New Zealand became the first international licensee a year later. Since its inception, the BartercardSection3Image1[1] Trade Exchange has grown to more than 7,000 member businesses across New Zealand who buy, sell or swap over $200 million worth of goods and services outside the cash economy each year. Bartercard operates in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and Cyprus.

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Increase Profits and Improve Cashflow with Bartercard

Bartercard members are part of an enormous community of businesses that are increasing revenue and improving their cashflow, using an electronic currency called a Trade Dollar. One Trade Dollar is equivalent to one New Zealand Dollar for all accounting and taxation purposes and members then take these Trade Dollars and use them to offset cash expenses within their business.

Assuming Bartercard members have their current cash business already covering their fixed overheads, such as rent and wages, and they have the capacity to take on new business, the only cost in supplying another Bartercard member is their product replacement/variable cost. This means that when they make a purchase using Trade Dollars (T$) they are effectively getting a discount equal to their Gross Profit Margin.

When a company spends cash there is no guarantee of the return. With the Trade Dollar Bartercard members know that each time they spend, it will come back to them in the form of new business from another Bartercard member. Bartercard members are motivated to utilise fellow members’ goods and services because they are paying with their Gross Profit Margin, saving them cash every time they spend.

The new customers generated by Bartercard will be incremental (on top of) any existing cash business, therefore not interfering with their existing business model and Bartercard aims to increase members’ business by 5-15% and increase their net cash profit.

Corey and Rohini, owners of The Oakroom, a popular inner city bar are thrilled with their experiences since joining Bartercard and have this to say: “The team at Bartercard are truly high-calibre and energetic. Their knowledge of the local market and their key contacts in the community helped us in our search for a lot of what we were looking for to be able to setup and continually vary The Oakroom. Geoff our Trade Broker made sure we got the best value for the products that we were looking for.

“Bartercard also came through on its promise to us of new customers. After joining we immediately had new patrons coming through our doors. Functions during our downtime are also a focus for us. Since joining Bartercard we have had a number of Corporate Functions and it’s been exciting to see new cash customers returning as a result and spreading the word about our new bar.”

Intending members should take a moment to visit the website at to discover how to join Bartercard and how to get the most out of their membership by using their trade dollars for more important things… like relaxing and having a coffee at their local bar or servicing their car at the mechanics.