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Bartercard Explain The Importance of ORM in a Digital World

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is all about brand awareness, and is the

process of measuring, monitoring, tracking and creating constructive conversations about your brand, corporate and personal identity, on the Internet. In summary, it encompasses monitoring online conversation about your brand and corporate or personal identity, understanding what is being said about it and critically analyzing the reasons behind the discussions.

It is about devising a methodical strategy, and interacting with your consumers to mitigate any damage to your brand that could potentially arise as a result of negative feedback about your company, product or business methods, ensuring

that no further negative repercussions occur by maintaining a strong positive online presence.

ORM plays a crucial role in Digital Marketing, helping to get rid of negative reviews about a company, person and brand from search engines, taking away harmful hidden content. For a brand, reputation is their first priority, and ORM involves inserting new content on-line that pushes previous or unwanted content lower in search results.

Online Reputation Management has become an essential component of any brand reputation management strategy, and protecting a brand’s image is the most important thing a company can do. A brand’s name and goodwill is earned through years of hard work, and losing it might take just minutes in the online world. In today’s reality, businesses are steadily falling prey to negative scam allegations that can damage their web reputation drastically. Slander feedback or negative remarks can topple the online reputation of your business which will lead to negative impact to your online credibility and result in significant loss of sales, maybe even of the business itself.

Bartercard is all about helping businesses to grow and prosper, so for more information on increasing profits, increasing business profits and increasing sales please go to .


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Bartercard Celebrates 25 Years

$4 Billion Trade Dollars Later, Bartercard Celebrates 25 Years

Bartercard, New Zealand’s original digital currency channel, has racked up more than $4 billion worth trading since it launched in this country in late 1992. Twenty-five years later, the company now has 15,000 cardholders nationwide and more than 6,000 active member businesses who are served by 110 staff in 13 offices.

One of those members is Auckland-based Kennedy Furniture Ltd which has been an active Bartercard member since day two. Kennedy Furniture director Kevin Johnstone is as enthusiastic about Bartercard now as he was then. “To be a part of something from its inception is a unique experience. It’s been a privilege to see how Bartercard has evolved over the past 25 years and how the network has grown. Bartercard has been of great benefit to our business from the start and still is 25 years later,” he says.

Bartercard New Zealand chief executive John Scott, who has been with the company almost five years after a long career in business finance and data, says the quarter century birthday is a significant achievement for a company and a concept that some people struggle to understand.

“We were one of the first companies in the world to offer a digital currency where no money actually trades hands. That took a bit of explaining in 1992 and, to some degree, it still does. The best way to use Bartercard is to use trade dollars to offset a proportion of cash spending and then use the funds generated to reinvest in your business. It does require a bit of lateral thinking to make the Bartercard network work for you. Our most successful members are the one who put in the effort and treat Bartercard as another business channel that can help grow their business,” says Scott.

He gives the example of the recent Lions tour. With hotels and motels running at 95 per cent occupancy, Bartercard members in places like Rotorua set up temporary accommodation for the Barmy Army, using their Trade Dollars. This was such a creative approach and showed their willingness to use Bartercard to offset some of their cash expenses and thereby bring in new business.”

With Bartercard now operating in eight countries, and plans in place to expand further, its New Zealand business is seen as a global innovator. “We’ve successfully developed systems and solutions here that have been deployed globally, including a web-enabled search app and sales tracker databases. New Zealand is used as an incubator for new technology-driven initiatives because we’re digitally enabled, early adopters and known for our ability to back ourselves,” says Scott.

Coming up next year is a mobile-enabled app which will list all New Zealand members’ products and services and link to Bartercard’s everyday rewards programme, bucqi. Scott is also working on an improved platform that will delivery real-time information based on the behaviours and buying preference of members.

“The future is around convergence – products, services and rewards. The trade economy is essentially about identifying idle capacity and, rather than giving it away, moving it in a more effective way that lets business owners reinvest in their company.”

Scott says 70 per cent of Bartercard New Zealand members have relationships within the trade exchange that last more than four years. And external research covering 10 years’ worth of data from new members show their average sales grow by almost 10 per cent in their first 12 months. “So, if you want to grow your business, Bartercard is an effective tool.”

Strong member relationships and community activities are an important part of the Bartercard story, with the Bartercard Foundation, set up in 2010, supporting a wide range of charities. 100% of the donations raised by the Foundation go to the chosen charity, with Bartercard New Zealand paying for all the costs of operating the trust. This year, it raised T$130,000 for Heart Kids NZ. Bartercard also sponsors the New Zealand Breakers.

To celebrate its milestone birthday, Bartercard head office and regional members have made a series of matching donations to worthy community groups, such as 50 bags of dog food to a pet shelter in Auckland and 50 boxes of nappies for Women’s Refuge in Auckland.

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Bartercard’s Parent Company Acquiring Digital Business

Bartercard’s Parent Company Acquiring Digital Business And Changing Name

BPS Technology, the parent company of Bartercard, is undergoing a reorganisation, acquiring a digital agency in Australia and renaming itself IncentiaPay in order to focus on the fastest-growing arms of its business.

The changes will not impact on the Bartercard divisions in New Zealand or Australia, which will continue “business as usual”, says Bartercard chief executive, John Scott.

“However, these moves do allow for our parent company to expand and diversify into new digital payment areas, which, as previously indicated, are expected to be a strong growth sector for the business.”

The changes are set to be approved at an Extraordinary General Meeting in Queensland on Thursday, 5 April. They include the acquisition of Sydney-based Gruden Group – a listed digital marketing and transactional payment company. Under the terms, BPS has agreed to provide consideration of $8 million, comprised of 27.68 million BPS shares and $250,000 cash, to Gruden.

BPS says benefits of the acquisition are access to customers including Oporto, Red Rooster and Starbucks, further penetration of the fast food and hospitality sectors, and tapping into cost synergies with other parts of its business.

At the same time, the company has put in place a new management team and Board and plans to change its name to IncentiaPay to better reflect its core business activities.

“BPS remains a strong underlying business,” says its new CEO Iain Dunstan. “We are pursuing a restructuring and turnaround plan and will focus on re-positioning BPS for growth to drive revenue and profitability.”

 As part of its ongoing diversification into new payment and rewards platforms, BPS previously bought Entertainment Publications, which publishes the Entertainment Books, and has an association with Asian mobile phone payment platform Alipay which is allowing it to make inroads into the Chinese tourist market.

“It’s an exciting time to be part of the company expansion,” says Scott who was appointed trans-Tasman CEO for Bartercard in December, after running the New Zealand operation for five years.

“It was logical to combine the NZ and Australian operation into one business unit and part of my role is to develop a shared service model to support the requirements of the enlarged business. At the same time, I am ensuring we continue to drive our culture of leadership and continuous improvement underpinned by technological innovation.”


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Ask Bartercard Provide a Transparent System of Answering Your Questions in 2018

Ask Bartercard focuses on the impact of brand, when answering questions about Bartercard. As the dedicated resource in answering your questions regarding Bartercard, Ask Bartercard presents a transparent system of gathering and acting upon feedback, and at the same time, providing constructive comments.

Many people seem to have the same queries regarding what Bartercard is, and what it isn’t, and Ask Bartercard ensure that people have the correct information so that they can make informed decisions when seeking to join the Bartercard community. Ask Bartercard will also help spread the word about the Bartercard network and the benefits it can bring to your business.

Ask Bartercard was set up to allow people to ask questions and, in turn, to receive prompt answers. All you need to do is register, then type in your question, and you will receive a response within 48 hours (with the exception of weekends and public holidays when it may take longer to respond). You can also check out their FAQ’s to see if your question has already been answered. These have been compiled from the most common queries Ask Bartercard have received previously.

Ask Bartercard consists of a panel of staff, and Bartercard members, who review and assist with answering your questions. Once your question is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Ask Bartercard panel, and you will receive notification of the answer before it is published. Not all answers will be made public. Ask Bartercard recommend users register to use the site, using a social login. Social login, also known as social sign-in, is a form of single sign-on using existing information from a social networking service such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.

For more information on how does Bartercard work, what is Bartercard and where can I use Bartercard please go to


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Some Frequently Asked Questions From Ask Bartercard

Ask Bartercard is a platform designed for people/the public/anyone who is interested to ask questions on what Bartercard is or isn’t, so the following are examples of some of the questions that Ask Bartercard answers.

Can I use NZ Trade Dollars in Australia? Yes, you will be able to use your trade dollars in Australia, although not through their Eftpos network. You will need to use manual vouchers which can be provided to you by your local branch.

Just like the New Zealand trade dollar is tied to the local currency (NZ$) the Australian trade dollar is tied to the (Aus$), therefore local currency exchange rates will apply at the time of the transaction.   The Bartercard Travel Team ( are also available to give suggestions on regional spending opportunities and can assist members with travel queries.

One of the most frequently asked questions of Ask Bartercard, is Do my Bartercard Dollars expire, and the answer is, no.  Trade  trade funds do not expire if you are a Bartercard member. However, the physical Bartercard you receive expires as per the date shown on the card. A new card is then posted out automatically. If you are gifted a Bartercard gift card, the funds expire after one year from the date of issue.

How do I locate other businesses on Bartercard? As a Bartercard member, you will have access to a full directory. Simply access the online member’s directory This will allow you to search for a specific member/industry or just see the members closest to you. If you can’t find what you are looking for, your Trade Broker or local branch (    will be able to assist you.

How does Bartercard work? The Bartercard concept uses an alternative, electronic currency (Trade Dollars) that is exchanged between members to pay for goods and services to improve cash flow (cash be conserved for other business expenses), reduce cash expenses (by using Trade instead) and attract new customers. Trade Dollars are a well-recognised and accepted method of payment in New Zealand. One Trade Dollar is equivalent to one New Zealand Dollar for all accounting and taxation purposes.

Bartercard is a registered Financial Services Provider and operates in a similar way as a credit card or another bank account. When it comes to accounting, there is no difference between cash and Trade Dollars, with sales being recorded as income and purchases being recorded as an expense or asset.

For more information on how does Bartercard work, how to spend my Bartercard dollars and how to get customers please go to .


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Bartercard Stress the Importance of Budgeting & Planning For the New Year

Bartercard has some New Year’s resolutions to set up the best systems and practices in your business, encompassing digital, investing and budgeting, and they recommend you start planning from day one. You can start by setting up systems and processes that support your business goals, especially if you are looking to expand or tackle a new direction. Implementing fail-safe strategies early in the piece will set you on the right track, especially as the more profitable you become, the more complicated finances get.


Secondly, you should de-clutter by photographing receipts as you spend – lose the paper! There are many accounting software apps that will let you photograph and file receipts – so you won’t get buried under paper. You should also cut out non-essential spends, There are hundreds of media outlets within Bartercard where you can conserve cash on advertising while gaining exposure and cut-through in the cash market. Bartercard members have the option to purchase products from other Bartercard suppliers at wholesale or retail rates, adding new stock to their product line which they can on-sell in the cash and/or trade economy.

You can reconcile your bank accounts and credit cards with Xero. Bartercard is linked with Xero and MYOB which makes reconciliation simple and takes the manual work out of recording every Bartercard transaction into your accounting software. The new year is a also a good time to re-visit your long-term wealth-building strategies including real estate that can really set you up for the future. Listing a property through Bartercard is an effective way to sell relatively quickly compared to the cash market and conserve costs in a range of areas.

You should also know the basics of bookkeeping. Even if you already have a reliable bookkeeper or accountant, knowing how to do your own bookkeeping means you will know exactly what information you should be taking to your advisor to get the most out of tax time. If you’re looking for more tips on how to deal with change and other business related matters, why not check out The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Small Business Owners – and work smarter, not harder on your business.


For more information on operating your cash flow, website reviews and customer loyalty please go to .



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Bartercard is the operator of the world’s largest barter trading exchange that attracts new customers and increases sales for its SME members. Bartercard enables businesses to exchange goods and services without the use of cash or cash equivalents, or without a direct swap.

Bartercard was founded on the Gold Coast, Australia in 1991 by Wayne Sharpe and has built a presence in eight countries (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Cyprus) where 75 offices service approximately 54,000 cardholders worldwide who collectively barter-trade over $600m each year. [1]

In 2007, Bartercard Australia was sold in a management buyout. In 2016, Bartercard reached 25 years in the industry and announced further expansion in the North American market launching six new franchises and taking Bartercard’s USA presence to 18 franchises in eight states. The eight US states now covered by Bartercard account for a quarter of the nation’s economic growth. [2]




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